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The veteran side missions

If anybof you did some of the side missions then you probably came across the veteran up at O’Craigs and at the end you get his horse Beulle and hes a Cremello Gold Dutch Warblood and i was just wondering how many of you have him.
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• 1h

Oh boy

Do I just finished RD2 and it Was one helluva ride. I don’t have much to say other than I really enjoyed this game and I can’t wait for a third if they are making one. Well I’m gonna replay the first one now have a good day/night.🤠
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• 3h

DLC Undead Nightmare on Redemption 2?

We need the Undead Nightmare DLC on Red Dead Redemption 2!
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• 7h


Ok so, I'm not an SJW cunt who hates free speech, but the Ku Klux Klan shouldn't be in RDR2.

Obviously not because they're evil or somethin, but because they simply stopped existing in 1899. The Ku Klux Klan was only revived in 1910, and after 1870 the organization perished.

There were no white ghosts back then, boah
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• 9h

Arthur's diary in a nutshell

You know I had to do it to 'em
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• 16h


I’m making an edit for Arthur and John. I need that clip where John Marston says “like cholera”, but I cannot find it no matter where I search. Can someone help please?

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• 19h
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• 21h

Peace creator

Join me on PS4
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• 23h

Is six guns a rdr rip off

six guns is a mobile game similar to red dead redemption

and i have been hearing alot of stuff about it being a rip off

is it
  • Yes
  • No
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• 1d


Can anyone tell me if the online game play is worth getting internet for? I live way out in the woods and internet is expensive I just want to make sure it's worth it
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• 1d



I have finished the epilogue and I still have been playing around as John for like 200 in game days but now I can't clean the cow stalls to milk them. Is there a way to fix this
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• 2d


Bowler Hat
Duster Coat
Casual Shirtwaist
Tailored Suit Vest
Bandito Pants
Worn Ropers Boots
Military Half Chaps
Range Gloves
Trimmed Bandana
Crossback Suspenders
Gerden Copper Spurs
Bandit Gun Belt
Deadboot Holster - off-hand
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• 2d


I heard that Mexico is accessible in rdr2 with a glitch. If I do it, will there be any buildings or npcs? Is it actually a fully playable area?
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• 2d

What is your favourite red dead game

  • Red dead redemption
  • Red dead redemption undead nightmare
  • Red dead revolver
  • Red dead redemption 2
  • Red dead redemption:gunslingers
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• 2d

Who made this wiki

I want to know who made this wiki

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• 2d

Looking for online players

Hello everybody, this is Ron I’m looking for friendly and active players. Let’s make a group let’s get it.
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• 2d

Y’alls Favorite Memes

Howdy fellers! 🤠

Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online have been out for quite some time now, and with it, has come a large amount of memes of various levels of originality and humor. However, what are your favorite meme(s), and if you want to share it, why?
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• 2d

Why we need a RDR1 hd remake

So i just completed RDR2 to completion storywise, dont worry im not here to post spoilers, but afterwards i immediatly booted up RDR1 to continue the story, and WOW!!!! These graphics 🤣 i know its from 2 console generations ago, but to go from crisp clean shiny textures to this, frankly hurts 🤣🤣🤣 so come on Rockstar, lets get a hd version as dlc for RDR2 so we can extend the story even further. They already have all the dialogue, all they need to do is add mexico and update the graphics and boom! The entire story from start to finish. Plz Rockstar do the right thing. Do not let this opportunity go to waste.
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• 2d

Griefter got his?

Was playing online last night. Was riding into Rhodes, when I noticed another player on the map. I watched from a distance and noticed him in the shrubs by the train station. I figured he was one of those guys who hide and shoot you in the back of the head or try and hogtie other players. I took my time walking into town and sure enough he came running out towards me with his lasso. I greeted him with a Schofield shot between the eyes. Then grab my repeater and waited. 2 more times he tried to take me out this time shooting. He got killed both times and left the map. It was great.
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• 2d

Easteregg? ( maybe spoilers!!)

I was walking in blackwater and a guy was getting robbed i helped him and then i found strange drawings on the wall so he wrote it down in the journal so i looked aroun for more and i found some more any info
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