Character Name Dialogue Note
Marston Seth!
Seth Hey, John. Hey, partner.
Marston You get what you need? You're ready to help me?
Seth Not quite... not quite ready. You see, I wasted a bunch of time, looking for that last bit of map. And I gots to thinking, Moses was a liar and I imagined myself doing all kinds of unpleasant things to his corpse and then I realized...
Marston Realized you were sick in the head, and that you needed to move on with your own limited time on earth?
Seth No, partner. I realized Moses weren't no liar! The issue was Aiden O'Leary ...who said he had the body. Aiden died in that flu epidemic and the bodies weren't even buried yet. I've...I've...I've...I've...
Marston Got the bodies sitting in the back of that wagon behind you?
Seth Yes, sir.
Marston You're not even going to wait until they're buried before you...
Seth Well they don't care, do ya boys? Honest folk, off to a better place. Apart from that Aiden O'Leary fella, I never liked him. They say he laid with his sister... I don't like women, partner. I don't. Not since mammy died.
Marston Seth, what are you going to do with those bodies?
Seth I'm going to take them back to a nice quiet spot and look for the map. I needs the map, partner. I needs it. Let's go. We ain't the only ones with an interest in these here fellas. Alright, I know a secluded spot where we can search these sleepin' beauties.
Seth Stay left, no need for the people of Armadillo to see my friends back here. By the way, I saw West Dickens . He told me there's no ammunition in that machine gun of yours.
Marston Sounds like I need to pay Irish another visit.
Seth Where are you? Come on, don't be shy.
Marston What did you say?
Seth I didn't say nothin'.
Marston Are you talkin' to them?
Seth So what if I am? I feel less alone with them than in a crowd of people. The way I see it, they lost their souls, just like me.
Marston You're truly a sick man, Seth.
Seth You remind me why I hate people. For a man who kills so much, you sure seem to have a problem with the dead. Life kills everyone in the end. They ain't so different from you and me.
Marston Aside from them being dead and rotting, I guess they ain't... Alright, Seth. Calm down. You talk to the corpses and I'll drive the wagon.
Seth Oh my! It's them damn treasure hunters! Try and outrun 'em, partner! I'm gonna look for the map back here. You try shake those damn rednecks. See, we're one big happy family. All done with this one. Are you hiding something from Seth? Oh, you naughty little boy! Somebody needs new cologne. Ah, looky here. I found me a few bullets. It's been a pleasure meetin' you.
More bandits appear as Seth checks corpses
Seth We're just goin' on a little trip. Well, look at this! Some elixir! Go left here, partner! Sssh. This will all be over soon. Christ alive! It's the map! I found the map! Go left up here! Looks like the treasure's in Tumbleweed! That's where I was headed! It's fate! Keep goin', we're almost there! Will you be my friends?
They finally reached Tumbleweed
Seth Finally! Months of searching! I'm gonna be rich beyond my wildest dreams!
Marston Maybe then you can take a bath.
Seth Thanks, mister. I reckon I'll sit here awhile...try 'n' figure this out. I'm gonna be rich.
Marston When you're done with that, get over to Fort Mercer . I need you inside that place.
Seth After I find my treasure, mister.