Character Name Dialogue Note
Amos herding a horse
Amos C'mon, c'mon, let's go!
Bonnie Amos!
Amos Get 'em in there, c'mon, c'mon!
Bonnie Amos!
Amos Hey, miss. I've got most of the horses secure, and the chickens.
Bonnie Well thank you, Amos, but it's the herd I'm worried about.
Amos I know, they're scattered all over the valley and beyond. The weather is coming in real fast.
Bonnie So what do you suggest, Amos, we leave the herd out there to be scattered by the storm and ourselves left here to die without a livelihood?
Marston heads to them
Marston Can I help?
Amos No miss, if the men get caught out in that storm, they're gonna die.
Bonnie And if we lose the herd, we'll all die, you stupid man.
Marston Doesn't sound like we're left with much of a choice, then. Come on, Amos, round up your men. Let's get the herd.
Amos Dang!

's get going before the weather gets any worse. That sky don't look good. I'm starting to think somebody up there's conspiring against me. Are you a religious man?

Marston Not in any real sense. Sometimes I tell myself things happen for a reason. Like what brought me here was fate come-a-callin'. But nobody made my path but me.
Bonnie We all need to look for answers somewhere. Some in big ol' books. Others in big ol' bottles of whiskey.
Marston Believing in some kind of divine purpose ain't gonna get me my wife and child back. Past is who we are, Miss MacFarlane. And there ain't no changing that. Faith is a luxury I can't afford.
Bonnie We have two herds out grazing in different pastures. We'll need to merge them and bring them all back.
Marston I think we can handle that.
Bonnie The cows get real ornery in bad weather. It's more work, but I'll show you how to deal with them. I'm going to save my voice for the herd. It's gonna be hard shouting over this storm.
Lightning strikes a tree, scaring the cattle
Bonnie They're spooked! We have to stop the herd from stampeding! Do something! They're headed for the cliff!
Marston heads the cattle off
Bonnie Good work! Now let's round up those stragglers.
Bonnie I think that's all of them. Let's get 'em back to the ranch before this weather gets any worse.
They take the cattle back to the ranch
Bonnie You saved the herd back there. You might make a decent rancher one day.
Marston Thank you, Miss MacFarlane.