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Albino Buffalo
Albino Buffalo Screenshot
Vital statistics
Name Albino Buffalo
Breed American Buffalo
Color White
Speed Medium
Health High
Stamina High
Location Available exclusively in Multiplayer

The Albino Buffalo is a mount found in Red Dead Redemption Multiplayer.


The Albino Buffalo is only unlockable once the player reaches Legend 2 Level 50. After that, like all mounts, it is unlocked much earlier. It has the same speed as the normal Buffalo, but like all bulls and the normal buffalo, it cannot jump. The Albino Buffalo can run faster off-road than on road.


  • The Albino Buffalo is not to be confused with the White Buffalo of North America. A true White Buffalo doesn't share the pink eyes, pink nose or extreme discoloration of the pigment of the skin. Instead the White Buffalo sports an odd white hide and normal pigmentation of the skin.
  • The White Buffalo is the centerpiece of many Native American religions. Traditionally, Whope, a goddess in Lakota culture, taught the Sioux people the Seven Sacred Rituals and gave them the peace pipe, the most sacred symbol of worship.
  • Buffalos can have a white hide instead of a brown hide because of being albino, leucistic, or being bison-cattle crossbreed. This is not the case for a true White Buffalo.
  • White Buffalos are roughly one birth out of ten million. The Albino Buffalo is much more common.
  • Although Buffalos look slow and heavy, they can run at 35 mph in real life, and have the ability to jump.
  • This mount may be a reference to the Ted Nugent song 'Great White Buffalo'. It could also be a reference to the Charles Bronson western film "The White Buffalo".



Red Dead Redemption - Albino Buffalo - First Look04:18

Red Dead Redemption - Albino Buffalo - First Look

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