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Nate Johns is just as crooked as the politicians in Mexico!

Alfonzo Colmenares

Alfonzo Colmenares is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Alfonzo is a resident of Rathskeller Fork. He speaks in a light Spanish accent and has strong opinions on both American and Mexican politicians, suggesting that he either lives in or visits both New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso often.


Alfonzo can commonly be found in Rathskeller Fork, often loitering in and around the saloon. Occasionally he can be found playing Liar's Dice in the Escalera cantina. Alfonzo can also be encountered in various locations in Nuevo Paraiso.


You wanna have some fun?
Inviting the player to a game of Liar's Dice
Here's your lucky break!
Inviting the player to a game of Liar's Dice
The day is not going well.
When losing a die in Liar's Dice
You are all very quiet.
When calling a bid in Liar's Dice
I'm an open book.
When calling a bid in Liar's Dice
No, I'm not bluffing. I tell the truth.
When calling a bid in Liar's Dice
I don't believe you!
When calling a bluff in Liar's Dice

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