Nobody steals from me, especially an American.

Andreas Müller is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Müller was born in Nuremberg, Germany in 1868. Sometime before 1911, he came to Mexico to prospect for silver and by 1911 he was residing in Chuparosa.

Müller appeared to have a very short fuse and showed a strong dislike for Americans in particular.


John Marston meets Müller in 1911 when he joins in a Poker game which Müller is playing with Landon Ricketts, Manolo Santander and The Stranger, at the Saloon in Chuparosa. After a few rounds, with Müller making comments hinting that he believes John and Ricketts are colluding, John glances over at Müller and then looks down at his own cards. Upon seeing this, the German accuses John of looking at his cards, calling John "a fucking cheat", which John denies. The situation escalates and the players all eventually draw their guns on each other. Müller decides that he and John will Duel for the chips in the pot, with The Stranger and Ricketts as their seconds. Ultimately, John ends up the winner and Müller is shot dead. John and Ricketts then go to have a drink, with Ricketts saying that "Mr. Müller is buying".

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption
Red Dead Redemption II


You fucking looked at my fucking cards you fucking cheat!
Andreas Müller
Your Yankee friend here is a fucking cheat!
Andreas Müller
I'll show you what happens to filthy cheats!
Andreas Müller
I'm not fighting you, Ricketts. But the Yankee. Him I don't like.
Andreas Müller
Sanchez will be my second.
Andreas Müller
What are you waiting for, coward?
Andreas Müller
You should have stayed home, yankee!
Andreas Müller's last words


  • Following the mission "Lucky in Love", Müller's death is covered in the next newspaper edition in-game. His article mentions Müller as being a shining citizen in Chuparosa.
  • The player can kill Müller while he is walking to the duel spot, but they will fail the mission.
    • Very rarely, there is a glitch where, when Müller is shot on the way to the duel spot, the characters around Marston freeze. The only way to escape this is to fail.
  • The player can actually cheat against him by using the Elegant Suit, but no money will be awarded.
  • Sometimes, Müller will carry a Semi-automatic Pistol to the duel. However, once killed, he will drop the Schofield Revolver.