A medium brown horse. Normal speed.

–In-game description

The Ardennais is a breed of horse in Red Dead Redemption.


The Ardennais looks like a grullo or graying black/brown (Dark head; lighter body) or possibly a classic champagne horse. It has normal speed. The base price for its deed is $250

Note: prices listed on this page are based upon the player having neutral honor and playing the game on Normal difficulty. If the player has high honor, the selling price will be Increased by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. Low Honor decreases selling price by 50% everywhere except Thieves' Landing. While playing the game on Hardcore difficulty, money is more scarce and the base, neutral honor price of each item will be slightly lower.


  • The horse in-game is modeled after a real world draft breed. For more information on this breed, which is much bulkier in real life, please see the following article on Wikipedia: Ardennes horse.


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