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The armored truck is encountered in the mission "And You Will Know The Truth".It is an early automobile and features a Maxim machine gun. The vechile as shown is armoured, but not bullet proof. The armored truck can only be used during the mission.

Maxim Gun

The Maxim Gun appears as a mounted weapon on an early-model armored truck in the mission "And You Will Know The Truth" . Such a vehicle had only just been produced and used as recently as 1902, and was yet untested in military engagements. It has unlimited ammunition, and is featured in the final mission against Dutch. Unlike the Gatling Gun, this weapon can rotate a full 360 degrees.


It appears to be an early model Darracq Perfecta and features a mounted Maxim gun. It appears as a precursor for modern armored vehicles, such as tanks. It is non-drivable, and is only encountered once in the game. Its protection against bullets seems to be limited. The vision of the drivers is limited as well.


  • It is said by Archer Fordham that the one you ride on is just a simple prototype, and that in Virginia they are experimenting for new models. This might connote to the tank, however, it was invented some years after by British scientists.


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