You think you're fast, do you, Marston? Why don't you show me?

Arnett Buchanan challenging Marston to a duel

Arnett Buchanan is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known about Arnett's background.


Arnett can most often be found at Rathskeller Fork, doing a variety of odd jobs. He can also be found inside the saloon. Arnett sometimes plays poker and Liar's Dice in Thieves' Landing. He can be encountered all over Thieves' Landing and sometimes Blackwater. Arnett may also challenge the player to a duel in MacFarlane's Ranch.


I'm gonna show you how to shoot, son. It's going to be a short, hard lesson!
Arnett Buchanan, in a gunfight
The way you shoot you're more of a danger to yourself than me.
Arnett Buchanan, in a gunfight
Hey, good to see you.
Arnett Buchanan greeting the player