Maybe when your mother is finished mourning your father... I'll keep her in black, on your behalf.

Arthur Morgan is a central character and the main protagonist of Red Dead Redemption II.


Arthur is a senior member of the Van der Linde Gang. He was taken under Dutch's wing at a young age and serves as his right-hand man and lead enforcer.

Arthur spent time riding alongside Dutch and led him to claim the outlaw life as his own, along with Dutch’s vision of a life lived free from the governments rule of law. This loyalty makes him one of the few people Dutch really trusts. Arthur has an "existential crisis".


  • "We got lawmen in three different states after us. They chased us from the west, they chased us over the mountains." – Morgan about the gang's situation
  • "Where's our money!?" – Morgan to a man
  • "Always, Dutch." – Morgan to Dutch on having his back
  • "Listen to me. When the time comes, you gotta run and don’t look back. This is over." – Morgan in the first trailer
  • "You got some money for me, boy? I've seen your name in our ledger." – Morgan to a trapper
  • "This whole thing is pretty much done. We're more ghosts than people." – Morgan to Sadie Adler


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