(Sheriff Bartlett introduces the contestants Mr. Kelley and Red Harlow.)

Bartlett: For our semi-final round, we have a three-time winner and current champion. The sharpest shooter and dresser in the whole territory, Mr. Kelley. (applause) The brave soul challenging him is a man who's killed a lot of bad men around here and is looking to kill some more, Red. (applause)

(Bartlett is escorted away and Griffon takes over. Sounds of a struggle in the background.)

Griffon: Due to the sudden absence of Sheriff Bartlett, I'm going to be stepping in to oversee this, uh, conclusion to the Battle Royale. Now, whereas the two gentlemen before us are clearly the best, I believe a change of the rules is in order. I hereby disqualify Jack Swift and Annie Stoakes. (sounds of disapproval) The winner of this here round is going to be the winner of the Battle Royale.

(Red wins the duel. Griffon draws his Scorpion Revolver.)

Griffon: Well, Red, you're good, I'll give you that. But, of course you'd have to be to live through what you did. Still, I'm afraid that we're gonna have to end right here and now what we should have ended so many years ago.

(Red sees Griffon's gun with the scorpion on the handle and has a flashback to when he first saw his father's equivalent gun.)

Nate Harlow: Isn't she a beaut?

Red: Yeah! Can I hold it?

Nate: She's one of a pair, only two in the whole world.

Red: Where's the other one?

(Back in the present day, the governor is leaving and Mr. Kelley turns out to only be wounded.)

Griffon: Mr. Kelley, please join me at the mansion when you've finally taken care of business.

(Red kills Mr. Kelley and meets up with Jack Swift and Annie Stoakes.)

Jack: Well, I guess I lost my chance at $5000 in gold. A small price to pay to avoid shooting you, madam.

Annie: Jack Switft, you're just lucky to be alive. (Sheriff Bartlett emerges, coughing and wheezing.) Sheriff! Are you all right?

Bartlett: I'm all right.

Red: Tell me where to find him.

Bartlett: His mansion, but it's secured like a fortress. It'll be hard, even for a bounty hunter like you.

Jack: He will not be alone.

Annie: He ain't the only one who wants the governor. I reckon that there prize money is in that mansion of his.

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