(Red Harlow has just walked into Brimstone after defeating Javier Diego and is greeted by Jack Swift, Annie Stoakes, and Mr. Kelley.)

Jack: Come to try your hand at the $5000 in gold, I see. (pause as Red just walks by) You're a man of few words. I respect that, I truly do. I believe you are somewhat acquainted with Miss Stoakes.

Annie: Did you find what you were looking for, stranger?

Red: I reckon I did. Did you see a Buffalo Soldier ride into town?

Kelley: That boy? He won't be causing the governor any more problems. I do hope you are planning to attend the Battle Royale. I would very much look forward to beating an adversary of your talent.

Red: I just signed up.

(Red enters Sheriff Bartlett's office to start the competition.)

Bartlett: Well, Red, I guess you're here for one reason. Well, if I were you I'd get my affairs in order before you enter. Mr. Kelley's been the champion for four years and looks like he's the one to beat this year. There's also that English fella and Annie Stoakes. So, Red, what'cha gonna do? You wanna enter the Battle Royale too?

(Sheriff Bartlett kicks off the competition, introducing the match between Red and Gabriel Navarro.)

Bartlett: He's killed so many men down South, he had to come up North to find some more. Señor Gabriel Navarro." (applause) Challenging him, a man of mystery. Some of you may have heard of all the recent bounty hunting he did on behalf of the town. Ladies and Gentlemen, Red.

(After the first round is complete, Jack is joking with the other contestants, then Sheriff Bartlett introduces the next round with Billy "Kidd" Cougar.)

Jack: That should leave a bruise! (laughter)

Bartlett: I don't reckon he should be so eager to get himself killed, but rules is the rules and there's no denying he's quick on the draw. He can't shave, but he sure can shoot. The challenger, Kidd Cougar. (applause)

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