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Baxter Deaton when assaulted

Baxter Deaton is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Baxter works as the banker in Armadillo.


During the Solomon's Folly gang hideout, Marston is tasked with delivering a stolen safe back to Baxter. It had originally been stolen by members of the Walton's Gang.

Baxter can be found inside the bank, either behind the counter or doing paperwork at a nearby desk. He often leaves the bank to frequent the Saloon or to smoke a cigarette outside Eldin Grubb's undertakers. Baxter can also be found playing Blackjack in the Saloon at Thieves' Landing or Rathskeller Fork.

Baxter also plays a small role during the mission "Great Men are Not Always Wise" in which he gets pushed out of the bank only to be executed by Helaku. Marston, Benton Manning, and Dell Hopkins, then storm the bank in order to eliminate the remaining Native Americans.


  • Baxter seems to be very prone to spreading gossip, as he spreads rumors about Marshal Leigh Johnson, claiming he's corrupt, as well as very unlikely stories about local gangs, locations, and even a tale about a cougar in Hennigan's Stead. He also threatens to tell others about the player when attacked.
  • Baxter shares a character head with Duke Grayson and Werner Cobb.
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