The regular Bear is beside Brumas the Bear or Dark Horse one of the rarest Animals from Red Dead Redemption.

Although the bear sees the Grizzly Bear, confusingly similar and behave like this but also the physique rather „something“ narrower than Grizzly. they only have dark brown fur, in contrast to Grizzly which has both coat colors. The bear only occurs during a random event where in Great Plains a hunter on his horse chases this with a rifle through the area or when the Player uses a Bait for „himself“ to hunt. Otherwise, you can not find anywhere the regular bear the Grizzly, however, is more common in the Tall Trees. If you kill the hunter in before of the hunter during this random event kills the bear, you will get Bear Meat, Bear Fur, Bear Teeth and Bear Claw.

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  • The bear looks like, a Grizzly but is not.
  • The regular Bear, is beside Brumas the Bear the second rare animal in the game.
  • When the Player kills the Bear, it's not possible to get a Bear Heart like the Grizzly Heart.