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Bert Leverick
Kuva 028
Gender Male
Location The town of Blackwater, Great Plains, West Elizabeth
Affiliations Law Enforcement
Weapon Double Action Revolver

Bert Leverick is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Bert is a Marshal who is normally found around the Blackwater Police Department Headquarters.


Bert plays a small role in the mission "Great Men are Not Always Wise", where he is one of the Marshals that participates in the attack on Bearclaw Camp.

Bert can most often be found at the Police Station in Blackwater. If Marston has a bounty, Bert and some other Marshals will track him all around West Elizabeth and New Austin.


  • Bert's character model is available in the U.S. Marshals section of the Outfitter under the name David Darwinson.
  • He is the only Marshal that wears glasses.
  • He wears a Bolo tie despite the fact that they were not made until the 1940s.

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