These are the list of contents in Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption that were originally featured in the game.Edit

Red Dead RevolverEdit


  • Red Harlow looked older and his outfit looked different


  • Weapons' bullets were visible
  • Heads-Up-Display (HUD) looked much different
  • Enemies had health bars

Red Dead RedemptionEdit


  • John and Abigail were much younger than in the final version.
  • Bonnie and her family's last names was MacFarling.
  • Abraham Reyes was once to have a goatee.




  • Some rifles were supposed to appear but were left out of the game.
  • Dead Eye Targeting had a different reticle after being activated.
  • The weapon wheel was not present, only the weapon icon next to the Heads-up Display.

Outfits Edit


  • Upon receiving a bounty, the black paint splash was not behind the reward. Also, it would mention what the player was charged with.
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