Big Valley is a constituent region of the West Elizabeth territory in Red Dead Redemption 2.[1]


Big Valley and Grizzlies

The northernmost region of West Elizabeth, Big Valley is separated from Great Plains and Tall Trees by the Upper Montana River, which flows from the Owanjila Dam in the western part of Big Valley southwards, past Tall Trees, before flowing to the east, forming the border between Great Plains and Big Valley, Hawks Eye Creek empties into the river, the river empties into Flat Iron Lake just north of Blackwater.

Big Valley is a mountainous region covered in forests, the town of Strawberry is found within Big Valley, and served as the "capital" of the territory.

Locations in Big Valley

Native Plants



  • Supposedly, the name of Big Valley was originally going to be "Great Valley", but the name was already taken; the 1988 film The Land Before Time had the Great Valley named as the most prominent location in the aforementioned original film and its subsequent thirteen direct-to-video sequels, the latest of which released in 2016, during Red Dead Redemption 2's development.


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