The Blackwater Police Department is a law enforcement organization found in Red Dead Redemption.

Its uniqueness comes from the fact it is the only uniformed, non-military law enforcement in the game. In addition to this, it also has a modern rank structure. Players will notice a significant presence of the Blackwater Police Department throughout West Elizabeth, meaning committing even minor offenses can be very dangerous.

Blackwater, being a bustling frontier city and burgeoning capitol, requires a larger police force than smaller settlements. However, they also share jurisdiction over the rest of the West Elizabeth territory and can be seen, especially in singleplayer, outside of the city and patrolling the city's outskirts on horseback. Its officers are well-equipped with High Power Pistols, Semi-automatic Pistols, Winchester Repeaters, and Pump-action Shotguns.

The Blackwater Police Department has a mounted division (covering most of the territory) in addition to regular, dismounted officers (seen only in the town itself) using its considerable size to its advantage. There is one police station in Blackwater; it is located near the territorial government building and is shared with the Bureau of Investigation and U.S. Marshals. The B.P.D. also appears to have a smarter AI, as many players have noted; the officers are better able to climb ladders, navigate small spaces, and gain better firing positions. Their weapons are also more powerful than most law enforcement agencies, making them a very formidable fighting force. In addition, up to 50 officers can be mobilized at a time for confrontations in Blackwater.

Not much is known about the B.P.D.'s history except the infamous "Blackwater Massacre" of 1899, which featured legendary gunslinger Landon Ricketts.

The Police Department's uniform consists of dark blue trousers, blue button-up coats, and a police hat.

Known membersEdit


  • Despite their size, they make no appearance in Undead Nightmare, neither as survivors nor as Undead.
    • However, Undead Officers can be seen in a few promotional screenshots, complete with their button-up coats and police hats.
  • The lawmen that collects the bounties from Marston in Blackwater will still take the form of the lawmen from New Austin.