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  • The Aspect Of Akatosh

    I am extremely excited for this, I have been waiting since 2014, and I am happy to share this. Leave your comments below I suppose.

    TAoA ﴾TALK﴿ 20:10, October 17, 2016 (UTC) Read more >
  • Blaff 60

    In lieu of recent events, the new Red Dead game has formally announced with the trailer coming soon and we are excited as much as you are. However, keep the leaks and speculation to yourselves. Also, in regards to the articles, stick to the official information coming from Rockstar Games themselves and to the previews in the future. Please, follow the rules of this wiki and hope you have a good hype time right now.

    To summarize:

    • Don't put speculative information or leaks to the articles related to the new Red Dead game!
    • Keep the future articles for RD3 clean and bright! Don't put too much and don't put too less.
    • Stay for new and incoming information from Rockstar Games and previews from gaming sites.
    • Have fun.
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  • The Aspect Of Akatosh

    I just opened up a ticket, I got a response in less then ten minutes, and that response was just patch notes, and a post that didn't even answer anything similar to my question. They're really addicted to GTA V right now. TAOA 17:07, July 20, 2016 (UTC)

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Wiki Adoption

    July 20, 2016 by LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey everybody. I'm just making this blog post to make everyone aware that I am intending to adopt this wiki. My reasons for doing this are that the only bureaucrat has not been active for over a year, and the last proper admin activity was also in 2015. It is also no secret that this wiki has been vandalised quite a lot by anonymous users these past few months and as you will have seen there are still remnants of it on several pages.

    If you want some background on myself, I am also the bureaucrat of the GTA Wiki, GTA Myths Wiki and several others, so I have a lot of experience handling the tools, but perhaps most importantly, I understand how to get a community back together after it has been down a while. After all, I've been on Wikia for …

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  • Yoshilover911

    Tell me!

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  • Yoshilover911

    Who would you be? John Jack Rufus Abagal Bonnie Marshal West dickins Uncle Ross Or drew

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  • Deathsblood

    Uncle = Red Harlow

    February 29, 2016 by Deathsblood

    I think everyone wanted to know what happened to Red Harlow and why uncle just showed up one day

    My theory is that Uncle is actually Red Harlow i mean just think about it uncle did want to escape his past life of crime by working on the Marston ranch (Beecher's Hope) nobody knows what happend to red harlow and nobody knows who uncle is?

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  • Horse1122


    January 18, 2016 by Horse1122
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  • Johnyork

    Help with online trophies

    December 27, 2015 by Johnyork

    OK, so I really want the Platinum Trophy for this game, but it's pretty much impossible because of posse up and another one that requires team work. Can someone help me make a full posse? PSN username is JohnDavidYork. Thank you, guys.

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  • The Dopest Skeletor


    December 14, 2015 by The Dopest Skeletor

    I have a story of an encounter that I never told any one

    I was close to finding one in Tall Trees once back in 2011 w/ some pals we tracked it down from a bunch of clues on the Map and quotes of N.P.C's I don't know what exactly they said I am posting this in 2015 and I forgot a lot of the clues but it led us to a clearing out in Tall Trees where the trees were in an oval around us and their were at least 3 stones lined around randomly 2 of which were close to each other 1 big and 1 small and sat at the base of the oval over it were a lot of trees the 3rd stone I think was in the center or a couple of clicks from the center I should note it was a full moon and it was night

    The clearing from what I can remember was east-south of Cochiany and …

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