Red dead redemption My name is John Marston and this is my story on how I saved my family and all of my area from the western union gangs. As a child i knew my parents were helping someone they always went out with there guns, they went out during dinner so on, but one day the western union gangs grouped together the found out who was protecting the president, my parents, i found out to my father got a letter saying:

Dear bob,

this is president nick writing to you to say thank you for all your help but im afraid they know its you that is protecting me you need to get out of their they will be coming soon probably now while you read this letter. We hope you get out with your family, safe regards president nick I knew my mother and father would do their best to get me and my brother out, we did get out my parents didn't. My mother and father picked us up and got us through the back door we turned around to see that they had just been shot the gangs were outside our window and were coming into the house. My brother grabbed my hands and told me to run the gangs were in the house we ran through the forest jumping over tree stumps, bushes and even trees that had fell, the gangs were following us we knew they wanted to finish the job kill all of us my brother fell i ran over to get him but 'BANG' My brother had been shot. I stood frozen but the rest was blacked out because they had knocked me out.

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