Blunderbuss Ammo
Game Undead Nightmare
Type Blunderbuss
Kit capacity 19 Rounds
To make 10 Undead body parts per round

Blunderbuss Ammo is an ammo type found in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Blunderbuss Ammo is an unconventional ammunition fired from the Blunderbuss. The ammo uses the usual primer and powder to load the gun, as with any other blunderbuss. However, Undead body parts looted from Undead corpses, are used in place of traditional shot to compensate for the increasing scarcity of conventional ammunition. It can be built directly from the kit section of the player's satchel with the "Build: Blunderbuss Ammo" option, using up ten Undead body parts to create one unit of Blunderbuss ammo. Once you've achieved 100% completion, however, you will not need body parts to create it, so you'll always have Blunderbuss ammo.

When fired, the shot spreads in a very wide, scattered pattern, functioning like a normal, albeit more powerful, shotgun when fired at humans. However, when fired at the Undead, it instantly kills them, causing them to explode in a spray of blood and flesh, leaving behind a red streak where they were once standing. Due to this fact, no Undead body parts can be looted from their now nonexistent corpses. Also If one wants to loot Undead Teeth, Eyes, Tongue and Ears, the undead cannot be killed with a head shot. Use a torch, fire bottle, holy water, etc., so long as the head is intact, otherwise you will only be able to loot undead ribs.

Parts from undead animals (teeth, horns, eyes, etc.) can not be used to make the ammo. Only parts from human undead corpses can be used to make the ammo.


You receive the ammo case containing the powder and primer to create Blunderbuss Ammo, as well as an initial five shots of ammo, along with the Blunderbuss from Nigel West Dickens in exchange for the scrap metal parts you collected for him in the second half of the mission "A Cure for Most of What Ails You".

Zombie parts

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