You might also be looking for Cattle Rustlers, the playable multiplayer characters who wear the same outfits as the Bollard Twins Gang.

From left to right: Werner Cobb, Harry Dobbing, and Julius Grimes threaten John Marston in Hennigan's Stead.

The Bollard Twins Gang is a gang of cattle rustlers and robbers led by the, presumably twin, brothers Ike and Willie Bollard in Red Dead Redemption.


They are based in New Austin, specifically Hennigan's Stead, with a hideout located in Pike's Basin. Members of the gang can also be found in Thieves' Landing which seems to be where many live. The player can see them near shops, the docks, and the saloon. They can also be seen committing crimes in the town and around other places throughout New Austin. They often wear leather chaps or riding pants, and all members wear a red kerchief around their necks. Several members also carry a non functioning lasso across their chests, presumably to steal cattle.

Known MembersEdit

The following is a list of known members of the Bollard Twins Gang, excluding Ike and Willie Bollard:

Gang hideout

Pike's Basin, the gang's main hideout, as viewed on the map.


  • In Free Roam, the Bollard Twins' Gang occupy Fort Mercer.
  • Because members wear a red bandana around their neck, as well as one of the twins being named "Ike" (possibly a reference to Ike Clanton), they might be a reference to the "Cowboys" from Tombstone, Arizona that the Earp brothers battled during the famous Gunfight at the O.K. Corral.
  • Gus Ballard, a member of the gang, is easily mistaken as one of the leaders due to his similar surname.
  • Some Bollard Twins members are part of the Williamson Gang as seen in the cutscene during the mission "The Assault on Fort Mercer". This could be why they occupy the Fort in Free Roam.
  • Even with the Bollard Twins Outfit equipped, the gang will not assist the player in a fight. The same goes for the Banditos and Walton's Gang.
  • The gang's weapon of choice is the Double-action Revolver, although some members may use a Schofield Revolver.
  • If you hogtie a Bollard Twin's Gang member and bring him to Casa Madrugada or Chuparosa, the Mexican Banditos and some civilians will draw their guns and some will run for cover. When you untie the Bollard Twin's Gang member they will open fire and kill him.
  • The Bollard Twins Gang does not appear during Undead Nightmare. Their hideout, Pike's Basin, is abandoned suggesting they fled the area or were overrun by the Undead.
  • Several Unaffiliated Criminals wear a red kerchief similar to those worn by the Bollard's Twins Gang. Examples include: Easter Durdon, Hestor Frith, Ralph Stricker, Rufus Starkey, Kent Gallaway, Sid Winkler and Charlie Hinkle among others.
  • Due to his clothes and red kerchief around his neck, Viper Craven may have been a member of the Bollard Twins Gang.
  • Gang members can be found working in and outside the warehouse with dockworkers suggesting they part take in non-criminal activities.
  • If the player travels to Thieves' Landing after recently completing the Pike's Basin gang hideout, all Bollard Twins gang members will become hostile on sight.