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Bolt Action Rifle
Rdr weapon bolt action rifle
Power High
Range High
Rate of Fire Low
Reload Speed High
Ammo Capacity 5
Ammo Type Rifle Ammo

The Bolt Action Rifle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption


The Bolt Action Rifle otherwise known as the Krag-Jørgensen Rifle in real life is a very versatile weapon due to its combination of high power, accuracy, good fire rate and very fast reload time. While the five round magazine may be small, reloading the weapon with stripper clips is so fast that it's hardly a con.


Single PlayerEdit

Red Dead RedemptionEdit

Undead NightmareEdit

  • The player can obtain it simply by saving Cochinay from a zombie invasion.


  • The Bolt Action Rifle is unlocked into the player's regular inventory upon reaching level 40.
    • The "Bolt Action Assassin" weapon challenges are unlocked at the same level. Completion of these challenges turns the weapon golden for the player.
  • In Free Roam, the Bolt Action Rifle can be found in Tumbleweed inside the saloon, some gang members in Tumbleweed also carry the rifle.
  • It can be dropped occasionally in Warthington Ranch, after killing a gang member.
  • It is also dropped by some banditos in Rancho Polvo.
  • Kill another player that has the weapon equipped, then walk over them.

Tactics and StrategiesEdit

One clean shot to the torso will kill most NPCs, and the rifle is also capable of taking out a grizzly with a single, well-placed shot to the head. Accuracy is very important when using this weapon; if played on Expert Targeting and the target is in motion, it is a good idea to lead the target a little bit and wait until they are centered in the reticule before firing. If the target is stationary, just aim and blast away: even at very long ranges the bullets will, nine times out of ten, go exactly where you are aiming. In fact, in the mission "Great Men are Not Always Wise", it is possible to get one-hit kills on the bandits even from across town.

The Bolt Action Rifle is very effective in PvP; it is capable of killing with one-hit if the shot is accurate.


The Krag-Jørgensen is a repeating bolt action rifle designed by the Norwegians Ole Herman Johannes Krag and Erik Jørgensen in the late 19th century. It was adopted as a standard arm by Denmark, Norway, and the United States. About 300 were delivered to Boer forces of the South African Republic. A distinctive feature of the Krag-Jørgensen action was its magazine. While many other rifles of its era used an integral box magazine loaded by a charger or stripper clip, the magazine of the Krag-Jørgensen was integral with the receiver (the part of the rifle that houses the operating parts), featuring an opening on the right hand side with a hinged cover. Instead of a charger, single cartridges were inserted through the side opening, and were pushed up, around, and into the action by a spring follower. The design presented both advantages and disadvantages compared with a top-loading "box" magazine. A similar claw type clip would be made for the Krag that allowed the magazine to be loaded all at once, also known as the Krag "Speedloader magazine". Normal loading was one cartridge at a time, and this could be done more easily with a Krag than a rifle with a "box" magazine. In fact, several cartridges can be dumped into the opened magazine of a Krag at once with no need for careful placement, and when shutting the magazine-door the cartridges are forced to line up correctly inside the magazine. The design was also easy to "top off", and unlike most top-loading magazines, the Krag-Jørgensen's magazine could be topped up without opening the rifle's bolt. The Krag-Jørgensen is a popular rifle among collectors, and is valued by shooters for its smooth action.



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