(Red Harlow and his dog slowly approach the abandoned outpost of Twin Rocks, while a trader, "Curly" Shaw, climbs out from under a wagon)

"Curly" Shaw: Psst!

(Red and his dog quickly turn to face Curly, with the dog barking and Red aiming a revolver at him)

"Curly" Shaw: Whoa! E-easy, there, uh, friend! (laughs) Come on over here! Come on, now! It's too dangerous for a man to be walking around these parts! I deal in weapons and goods, see. (laughs)

(Curly shows Red his products, but two outlaws approach)

"Curly" Shaw: I would'a offered you more, but, uh, a gang of ruffians done run me off of my - Oh! Uh, well I didn't, uh,.

Smitty: You holdin' out on us, old man?!

"Curly" Shaw: No! Well, I didn't, uh.

(Smitty grabs Curly and throws him to the ground, while Twiggy turns his attention to Red)

Smitty: (Laughs)

Twiggy : What the hell you lookin' at?!

Smitty: Fill him full of lead!

(A shootout ensues, during which Red shoots and kills a number of outlaws. The gang's leader then enters)

"Bloody" Tom: I'm gonna make mince-meat outta you!

("Bloody" Tom and his gang are finally wiped out, and the trader comes out of hiding to talk to Red)

"Curly" Shaw: Damn, son! You done killed 'em all! Y'know, you can get quite a handsome bounty for these fellas if you took 'em down to Sheriff O'Grady's in Widow's Patch.

Red Harlow: I'll be taking your cart.

"Curly" Shaw: Uh, well, uh, sure! Whatever you say, Bounty Hunter! (Laughs)