(Nate Harlow approaches his family's home after a long journey.)

Nate: Darlin'!

Red: Pa!

Nate: Son!

(The family groups together for a hug)

Nate: Our troubles are finally over! We hit a vein of gold as wide as a locomotive that runs clean through Bear Mountain!

(Red notices Nate's new revolver)

Red: Hey, pa, where'd you get that?

(Nate pulls the revolver out)

Nate: Isn't she a beaut'?

Red: Yeah! Can I hold it?

Nate: She's one of a pair; only two in the whole world.

Red: Where's the other one?

Nate: My partner Griff has it. We made 'em up special to symobolise our new-found wealth.

Red: Can I try it out?

(Nate holsters the revolver)

Nate: One day this fine weapon'll be yours. But for now, why don't you take my old pistol?

(Nate draws his old pistol and hands it to Red)

Nate: Go on down to the river and practice while I give your ma her gift.

(Red runs down to the river while Nate and Falling Star head into the cabin. Red shoots some pots and pans and Falling Star comes out)

Falling Star: Red! Red Harlow! What are you doing to my pots and pans?!

Nate: (Chuckles) Now, don't hen-peck the boy! Next trip into town, I'll buy you a whole bunch a new pots and pans.

(Gunshots are heard and a group of bandits are seen approaching the cabin)

Nate: Red! Up the hill and quick, boy; we're getting raided!

Red: I'm coming, pa!

(Red runs towards the path, but some bandits block his way)

Smitty: Dangit! The kid's still alive!

Smitty 2: The kid's down by the river! Go get him!

Nate: Come on, Red! Its now or never!

Smitty 3: Put the gun down, kid!

(The bandits are killed, but Nate is shot and killed)

Nate: No! Don't! (falls over, dead)

(Red crouches over Nate's body)

Red: Pa! Pa! Get up, pa! Pa! Pa! Get up, pa! Pa! Pa!

(Daren and a group of bandits approach)

Daren: Kid, I reckon your pa's better off dead; him being such a yellowbelly and all!

(Daren and the bandits laugh. Red reaches into the fire and grabs Nate's pistol.)

Red: (Screams)

(Red shoots Daren, taking his arm off, and flees into the surrounding area.)

Nate: (flashback) I need you now, son!

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