Marston: Get up, old man.

Uncle: I'm... I'm up.

Marston: Get up!

Uncle: There, I'm up. Well, thank the good Lord you're back. Nothing worse for an old man than sleeping in the warm afternoon sun.

Marston: You want a long sleep, Uncle? That can be arranged, and it'll cost me less in food.

Uncle: You always were a hard and nasty man, John Marston.

Marston: And you always was a useless, conniving thief. Where's them cattle? Did you take them to pasture?

Uncle: I was coming around to that.

Marston: When exactly?

Uncle: It's easy to pick on the elderly. It's easy but it ain't dignified.

Marston: Come on, old man. Let's do this together.

(They go to the herd)

Marston: Alright. You stay in front! Come on, let's get them out to pasture.

(They get outside the ranch )

Marston: Damn, this pasture looks overgrazed. Let's take 'em out to the plains.

(They see an explosion)

Uncle: What the hell? Christ, John! They're stampeding!

(They see some robbers continue after the train, they ignore them)

Uncle: Stay away from trouble, John! You don't need it!

(John fights the bandits and defeats them)

Marston: You folks okay?

Engineer: I think we're safe, thank you! I thought we were done for!

Marston: Just helpin' out. Now you take care.

(John goes back to the herd)

Uncle: The hero returns. They don't know how lucky they are.

Marston: Shut it old man. C'mon, let's get this herd movin' again.

Uncle: Give them stragglers a kick up the ass!

(They find a new place to graze)

Marston: You look after the herd, I'll ride back.

Uncle: No thanks, you got your pound of flesh from me today.

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