You're about to be killed by the great Carnelious Wolfe.

Carnelious Wolfe

Carnelious Wolfe is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Carnelious appears to be a bounty hunter. He can be found in various locations such as Armadillo, Rathskeller Fork, Chuparosa, Casa Madrugada, and Blackwater. He appears to know John Marston from somewhere as he often makes statements suggesting as much. He also seems to have an affinity for poetry, often mentioning it between rounds of poker, during fist fights, and before a duel.


Red Dead RedemptionEdit

Carnelious will often challenge Marston to a Duel in various locations. He plays Poker at various locations in New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso, and at the High Stakes Poker table in Blackwater.

Undead NightmareEdit

In Undead Nightmare, Carnelious can be found defending the settlement of Rathskeller Fork where he is on the roof of one of the buildings. If Rathskeller Fork is saved and Carnelious survives, he will stand around the firepit with Ira Shelton.


Wanna play poker with a gunslinger?
Carnelious Wolfe
Marston, good to see you're still breathing.
Carnelious Wolfe
Don't you look fine this day.
Carnelious Wolfe
Bit of poetic justice - me, Carnelious Wolfe, killin' you in a duel.
Carnelious Wolfe
Come on then. Best get this over with and kill you good.
Carnelious Wolfe
This reminds me of the poem I wrote after killin' a man.
Carnelious Wolfe
I'm gonna dip my quill in your blood!
Carnelious Wolfe
Poetry in motion, that's what I am.
Carnelious Wolfe
Time to get out.
Carnelious Wolfe while playing Poker
All right, lords and ladies. Hold on to your bricks.
Carnelious Wolfe while playing Poker
Damn! I stole that money fair and square!
Carnelious Wolfe busting out in poker


  • His surname suggests that he is of German or Austrian descent.
  • He is one of the rare characters that wear a bandana type necktie.
  • He vaguely resembles Clint Eastwood's famed character ; The Man With No Name.
  • In the High Stakes Poker room, Carnelious is seen playing a lot of the time, and he usually shouts lines like, "Reminds me of a poem I wrote after killin' a man," despite the fact that he is in a room filled with law abiding citizens and usually two policemen.
    • However, considering how he may also be a bounty hunter, Wolfe may be talking about killing a wanted man or otherwise criminal.
  • In a pre-release image of Red Dead Redemption, it is revealed that Wolfe originally wore an outfit that closely resembled the Rancher Outfit.
  • Carnelious appears to share a character head with Dewey Greenwood, Edgar Critchley, Orison Pratt, Charlie Bengle, Everett Knox and Gilroy Massey, and Cecil Hubbard.
  • He is the only character to mention his name when invited to a duel.
  • He has admitted to partaking in crimes, most notably robbery, as when he busts out in poker, he sometimes admits that he "stole that money fair and square".