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Casual Mode is the easiest Difficulty in Red Dead Redemption. This mode makes it easier to aim, using a simple lock on auto-aim like the one seen in GTA IV. Unlike Normal Aim, Casual Aim will lock on to an enemy's chest, and will stay locked as long as you hold the aim button. You can move the reticule around to different parts of the enemy's body by moving the right joystick. This makes it significantly easier to get headshots in Casual Mode than in any other mode. The Casual Mode also gives the player faster health regeneration. In Undead Nightmare, using Casual Targeting mode auto snaps onto an undead's head, saving ammo and maybe time. Another benefit of the mode is that it grants the player a much faster rate of fire than Normal or Expert; this is particularly noticeable (and useful) in multiplayer games such as Undead Overrun, during which the player is swamped with fast-moving enemies.

Casual Targeting mode is visually distinguishable from Normal and Expert because it causes the player's reticule to turn red when a target is in range, as opposed to the usual white.

There is a gamemode in Redemption Multiplayer called Casual Games where aiming is permanently set to Casual. It's mixed games so it's Free For All and Gang Matches.

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