The Cat is a species of animal found in Red Dead Redemption 2.


They come in brown (or black-based) broken mackerel tabby. Some in-game cats appear to be black silver tabbies. There is a slim variant and a stocky variant.

The stocky variant has the general appearance and club-like tail like that of a Felis silvestris silvestris (or European wildcat) with broken stripes or more broken stripes than usual. There is also a thin variant with a whip-like tail that is overall more like a thin Felis silvestris lybica (or Near Eastern wildcat) or an average figured, albiet distinctly striped Felis silvestris cafra (or Southern African wildcat) that the domestic cat is. The mid range figured variant has the typical Felis silvestris lybica appearance, with a rope-like tail shape.

In game, they are called American Domestic Cats. They are sometimes found with a brown rat or a small songbird that they caught.


They are most commonly found in Strawberry.

They can also be found in Saint Denis.





30 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Skin every species of animal in Story Mode.

20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Study every animal across all states in Story Mode.

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