Rdr bounty targets

Bounty targets are the subjects of the wanted posters John Marston finds in New Austin, Nuevo Paraiso and West Elizabeth. They can be captured or killed based on player decision, but capturing the bounty target always yields a higher dollar reward than killing them.

They can be found at the various Bounty locations scattered all over the map, with the location of each bounty commensurate with the territory in which the bounty poster was discovered. The player must hunt one of these targets to each of the 20 different Bounty locations in order to achieve 100% Completion.

Lawmen can be seen nailing Wanted Posters to walls in Towns. Wanted Posters can sometimes take a while to appear, and Lawmen can occasionally be seen nailing an invisible Wanted Poster to a wall. Resulting in no Wanted Poster, and no Bounty Hunting for that particular time and location.

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