Rebeldes! Hay que matarlos a todos.

Cesar Deguzman during a gunfight

Cesar Deguzman is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Cesar is a soldier in the Mexican Army.


Red Dead Redemption

Cesar can often be seen patrolling Escalera, El Matadero, or El Presidio. However, if Marston has a bounty, Cesar will track him to multiple locations around Nuevo Paraiso. He can also be seen participating in Mexican Army firing squads, or participating in attacks on rebels.

Undead Nightmare

In Undead Nightmare, Cesar can be found patrolling El Presidio armed with a Springfield Rifle, guarding the survivors.

Cesar can also be found defending Torquemada where he is on the roof of one of the buildings. If Torquemada is saved and Cesar survives, he will sit by the TNT along with Esteban Aguilar.


Buenas, señor Marston.
Cesar Deguzman greeting the player
¿Quieres que te dispare, Marston?
Cesar Deguzman when insulted
Carajo! Me estoy desangrando. Sálvame.
Cesar Deguzman when injured
You need to relax.
Cesar Deguzman at the end of The Demon Drink
Well done, now go to the General, he will want to thank you personally
Cesar Deguzman during the first attempt at the Nosalida hideout
Toma pendejó!
Cesar Deguzman during gunfight


  • Cesar wears the uniform of a noncommissioned officer in the Mexican Army.
  • If his hat is shot off, it will reveal an unusual hair style which looks somewhat like a comb-over.
  • He helps Marston burn down the Rebel houses in the mission The Demon Drink. He remarks how beautiful the flames are, to which John replies "You truly are pathetic".
  • After An Appointed Time, he can be found in areas such as Torquemada and El Matadero.
  • In 'An Appointed Time', he is the driver of Allende's stagecoach.
  • He can be found at the Nosalida hideout, fighting the Rebels.

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