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Cholla Springs
Rdr cholla springs
Vital statistics
Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Region
Territory New Austin
Region Cholla Springs
Location map
Rdr world map cholla springs

Cholla Springs is a constituent region of the New Austin territory in Red Dead Redemption.


Cholla Springs is mostly based off the Sonoran and Mohave Deserts in Arizona .Cholla Springs is the central region of the territory and borders the regions of Gaptooth Ridge to the west, the Redemption Mountains to the north, Río Bravo to the south, and Hennigan's Stead to the east. A small portion of the South-Eastern border is defined by the San Luis River.

The area is largely desert with saguaro cactus, desert scrub, and prickly pear. Most of the land is too arid and dry for farming, making cattle ranching a more preferable choice. Criminals and gangs roam freely across the region, meaning that getting lost can lead to dire consequences. The region consists of wide open desert plains and low lying hills with small rocky canyons and cliffs with jagged peaks. Trees are few and far between, with the largest source of water in the region being Lake Don Julio.

This is the region where the player first begins the game following the journey in the opening cinematic.

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  • This region is likely named after the real-world Cholla Cactus, which can be seen throughout the New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso territories in-game.
  • This region strongly resembles the real-life American Southwest from Arizona through New Mexico and West Texas.
  • Cholla Springs is the largest constituent region in the game.
  • In Spanish, Cholla means "head" or "ball" or uncommonly as a slang for "woman".
  • A reference to the region is made in Grand Theft Auto V; there is a road in Sandy Shores (adjacent to Trevor's trailer) called "Cholla Springs Avenue".


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