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Rdr chuparosa00
Vital statistics
Game Red Dead Redemption
Type Settlement
Territory Nuevo Paraiso
Region Perdido
Inhabitants Landon Ricketts
Uriah Tollets
Santos Guardado
Marcos Pichardo
Location map
Rdr chuparosa map fixt

Chuparosa (or Hummingbird) is a location featured in Red Dead Redemption and is a settlement in the Perdido region of the Nuevo Paraiso territory.


Red Dead RedemptionEdit

All of the missions in the Landon Ricketts mission strand begin in this location and two of them, "The Gunslinger's Tragedy" and "Lucky in Love", also end here. A portion of both Vincente de Santa missions "Civilization, at any Price" and "Mexican Caesar", and the Abraham Reyes mission "The Great Mexican Train Robbery" take place in this location, and the Vincente de Santa mission "Cowards Die Many Times" ends here.

The Stranger side-mission "Poppycock" begins and ends in this location, and the Stranger side-mission "Love is the Opiate" ends in the Train Station.

An amusing glitch on the PS3 is that behind the "POSADA", there is a wooden staircase with a balcony slightly to your right as you reach the top. If below you there is a white wall, you have got the correct place. Jump off the balcony and be fired 20 feet up into the air and land on top of the wall after you reach the ground.

Undead NightmareEdit

During the Undead Nightmare, this is one of 23 locations that must be cleared of the Undead and then protected from re-infestation thereafter. It is home to six defenders who may be supplied with ammo, and once the town is safe they may be found milling around the saloon or patio. Clearing Chuparosa earns the player a Schofield Revolver.

Note: Out of the six survivors, five will need revolver ammo while the sixth requires sniper ammo. Occasionally, a second survivor will require sniper rifle ammo.

The survivors one may find defending this town are Paco Baldenegro, Ramiro de la Cueva, Alejandro Duarte, Santiago Valenzuela, Ramon Alvares and Merche Coronado.


In Multiplayer, this is one of 7 locations that has a Land Grab game available (requires the Undead Nightmare DLC). The post to start the game is located right in front of the mayor's office.

With the addition of the Myths and Mavericks DLC a Stronghold match can be played in this location.



Community life Edit

In Chuparosa's bustling village market, the citizens carry out their everyday life, buying and selling their wares. The warm hearted owner of the general store will generously reward the player as long as they have some interesting items for him to buy.

After a hard day's work, most residents relax in the saloon, often sharing a bottle of tequila or having a gamble. Out on the patio a group of men regularly play poker and let strangers join at an entry bet of around $50. On colder Mexican nights, people prefer to play blackjack by the fire, or relax in the drinking lounge. Remember to be careful, a posse of banditos often occupy a table there, and any fooling about with a gun and they will answer accordingly. After they get drunk and leave the bar, the banditos can often be seen out and about around Chuparosa.

Tips and Tricks Edit

Mobile Playthrough Edit

Moving through Chuparosa usually takes place outside the walls entirely. A tip is to use a rifle and make wide loops to make sure a pistol or shotgun equipped enemy is at a disadvantage. The wide loops also allow for sniping those on top of the buildings.

Camping Edit

The first of the two camping spots on this map is a large balcony on the north side of the city, which is heavily exposed but allows for a wide range of view. The best cover is going partially down the stairs, preferably armed with a shotgun or pistol to fend off anyone entering back into the city or going up the stairs. The other camping area is the main building on the eastern side of town. During multiplayer team matches this building often becomes a hotspot, with the opposing teams vying for control of its strategic advantages. Although there is only one entrance to the building, a stack of crates against the northern side of the building allows for access directly to the balcony area, and also is a common way of reaching the roof, which is another camping spot itself. A Mauser pistol often spawns on the balcony near these crates, making it a vulnerable point of entry into the building, campers using the balcony as cover should be aware of this vulnerability and watch their backs for players creeping up behind them, as defending the stairway is not enough to secure the building from attackers. From the roof of this building a third camping spot can be reached by jumping south to the adjacent building, where in multiplayer a Carcano sniper rifle spawns.

Trivia Edit

  • Chuparosa is another name for Justicia californica, a species of flowering shrub native to the deserts of southern California, Arizona, and northern Mexico.
  • Chuparosa means hummingbird. It comes from the Spanish words "chupar", which means to suck, and "rosa", which means rose.
  • It is the only major town/settlement that has no stagecoach taxi.
  • There is a known glitch by which the player can get into the building with the words "Posada" printed on the boards on the northern side of the city. First, the player must climb the roof on the front of the building right under the words "posada". Next, the player must go to the door, crouch and take out a fire bottle and throw it at the door, then the player should glitch through the door and be on fire. The player must then roll around till the flames die out and you will be in the house. This is a very good place to get a high bounty, although you cannot lock on to the army officers and the only way to get out is to kill yourself with a stick of dynamite.
  • There´s also a glitch to enter the local bank ("Banco"). To do this you have to make use of the plant in the corner of the enterable room. Jump behind it and walk against the wall until you will glitch through it. Unfortunately, you can't crack the safe in this room, but the safe was aparantly crackable during the game's development, because a trailer shows Marston holding a gun on a man while he opens the safe.
  • (Single Player) In the jail building (when you have climbed all the stairs and the ladder in the back room to get to the top floor), if you go to the edge of the balcony above the wanted poster, it will say hold b/ circle to view wanted poster, if you do so and then release, you teleport to the bottom floor in front of the wanted poster.
  • It is the only location in the game where the "Wanna make some money?" Random Encounter takes place.
  • When the general store is robbed, the shop keeper runs to you shouting "Socorro! Ayúdame alguien! Ayuda a Marcos Pichardo!" This is most likely a reference to the popular Armadillo shop keeper Herbert Moon.
  • The "banco" (bank) has a phone inside, yet there are no telephone wires connected to it.



Red Dead RedemptionEdit

The discovery of locations in Red Dead Redemption count towards the following Trophies/Achievements:

Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Uncover every location on the map in Single Player.

Gold Ps3 gold trophy
Attain 100% List in the singleplayer game completion list.

Undead NightmareEdit

Keeping this location free of Undead infestation during the Undead Nightmare contributes toward the following Achievements/Trophies:

Rdr spinning plates
Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Have every territory saved at the same time during the Undead Nightmare

Rdr zed's dead baby
Silver Ps3 silver trophy
Attain 100% Game Completion statistic in Undead Nightmare.

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