Civilians are people who are regular bystanders in Red Dead Redemption. They will react to John Marston and the environment. Dishonorable acts will cause them to run to the nearest Law Enforcement NPC. This will incur a bounty until paid, or the player dies, and they will hunt the player down every 24 hours (as fame grows, this will increase to 48 in-game hours).


Civilians in Red Dead Redemption are just the ordinary folk who live in the Wild West and Mexico, not involved in any government, law or criminal organisation, however often suffer at the hands of the violence the above groups can cause. With the rapidly approaching technology and federalization, some are better at coping with the death of the old ways than others. Civilians can be male or female of all races and ethnicities, and can be found performing a variety of activities, including working, hunting, drinking and gambling, while others are simply traveling through the countryside or through towns themselves to get to a destination.

Specific types of pedestrians include prostitutes and shopkeepers.


Killing innocent civilians will lower your honor and, if spotted and reported to an authority, may increase your bounty. If a civilian eyewitnesses the player committing a crime they will report him to law enforcement increasing the player's bounty. Civilians can be robbed for money and killed for loot. Many civilians will run and scream after hearing gunfire, however some are armed and will be fight back.

Some civilians will challenge the player to a duel or a gambling game such as poker or horseshoes, and some will ask for help from Marston if they are in trouble. Others still may be seen committing criminal behaviour such as stealing or about to kill a prostitute, in which case a player with good honor may decide to step in and stop the incident.


HELP! FIRE! (When knocked over)

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