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Alright, boss. Here we are, safe and sound.

Clint MacKlin

Clint MacKlin is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Nothing is known of Clint's background.


Clint is a stagecoach driver who operates out of Blackwater and Manzanita Post.


Welcome aboard. The name's Clint MacKlin.
Clint MacKlin
I'm Clint MacKlin. I'll be your driver.
Clint MacKlin
Clint MacKlin, at your service. Hop on!
Clint MacKlin
Feel free to sleep a spell. It's a long ride.
Clint MacKlin
What's the destination, boss?
Clint MacKlin
Boss, where'd you like to go?
Clint MacKlin


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