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This article is littered with spoilers, so I reckon you might ought'a mosey on down the road if you don't want to read any plot details.

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Clyde Evans

Clyde Evans is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption. He is the subject of the stranger side-mission "Water and Honesty".


All there really is to know on Clyde Evans's background is the information given from Andrew McAllister and Evans himself. Evans is the owner of Pleasance House in Cholla Springs. If Clyde is killed, McAllister tells Marston that "he has a son living in Blackwater", and tells him to keep quiet about the whole affair, possibly implying that Evans's son may pursue Marston as revenge for killing his father if he found out about his father's death. If the player decides to pay for the deed, it is suggested in the brief conversation that follows the purchase that Evans goes to live in Blackwater, despite his loner nature and dislike of the people in Blackwater.


The player is asked to acquire a land deed from Evans for the Stranger side-mission "Water and Honesty". Clyde can be found at Pleasance House. If Marston purchases the deed, Clyde says he'll use the money to move to Blackwater. He is never seen again by the player.

Alternately the player can kill (-100 honor) or hogtie him and take the deed.


The land's too dry for farming, bandits ran all the cattle off. Why you want this land?
Clyde Evans


  • It is also a possibility that Clyde Evans goes to Blackwater if the player intends to pay for the deed to Pleasance House, as said in Marston's short discussion with Evans: "I guess I could find me a place up in Blackwater... But I could never stand the people up there, no sir!"
  • Clyde shares the same character head with Milford Weaver, Elvin Coggins, Louis Granger, Herman Ruff, Clifford Ray, and Dewey Alcock.
  • Clyde wears the same outfit as the men who work for the Railroad Company, possibly suggesting that he used to work for them or does work for them.
  • It is unknown where Clyde was when Marston and the police were hunting Walton Lowe, as Walton was staying in Clyde's home.
  • After purchasing the deed, Clyde walks off into the wilderness with a Cattleman Revolver.
  • If the player follows Clyde he will go to the Dixon Crossing and aimlessly walk into the water. But if West Elizabeth is unlocked then Clyde will walk up to Blackwater and glitch through the doors of the police station as if getting arrested.

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