The default controls for Red Dead Redemption are listed below. In cases where the consoles use different terminology, the Xbox 360 control is listed first followed by the equivalent PS3 control.


On foot

  • Left Analog: Movement
    • Press (L3) to crouch
  • Right Analog: Camera control
    • Press (R3) to look behind the character
    • Press (R3) while aiming to trigger Dead-Eye Targeting)
  • Directional buttons
    • Up: Whistle for horse
    • Left, Right: Switch aim between right, left shoulders
    • Down: Zoom out the mini-map
  • Left Bumper/L1: Draw/holster weapon or hold to open the Weapon Wheel
  • Right Bumper/R1: Attach to cover
    • In Dead-Eye: mark targets
    • While aiming, without gun: block
  • Left Trigger/L2: Aim
  • Right Trigger/R2: Shoot (Punch, if unarmed)
  • A/X: Run (Tap repeatedly to gain speed, then hold to stay at that speed)
  • Y/Triangle: Mount Horse, interact with vehicle
  • X/Square: Jump/Climb/Evasive roll or dodge (while targeting and moving left or right)
  • B/Circle: Reload weapon (if drawn), focus on important event
  • Select: Open Satchel
  • Start: Pause menu

On horseback

  • Left Analog: Movement
  • Right Analog: Camera (press for Dead Eye when aimed)
  • Left Bumper/L1: Draw Weapon (tap)
  • Right Bumper/R1: Pull on reins
  • Left Trigger/L2: Aim
  • Right Trigger/R2: Shoot
  • A/X: Spurs (press for speed boost, hold to maintain fellow rider's pace)
  • Y/Triangle: Dismount
  • X/Square: Hitch horse (near a hitching post only), Jump (if moving fast), Rear up (if moving slow/stopped)

Driving Carriage/Wagon/Stagecoach

  • Left Analog: Steer
  • Right Analog: Camera
  • R3: Dead Eye
  • Left Bumper/ L1: Weapon Wheel
  • Right Bumper/ R1: Pull on reins
  • Left Trigger/ L2: Draw weapon and aim
  • Right Trigger/ R2: Shoot
  • A/X: Whip reins (Repeatedly tap for speed increase, hold to maintain carriage pace)
  • Y/Triangle: Dismount Carriage


  • If a player were to not use any of the controls for a certain amount of time then the camera will switch to a scenic view of the area that the player is currently in. Using any control will return the player to the normal view.

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