The Cougar is a species of animal found in Red Dead Redemption 2.


it's a Large sized Mammal animal. Cougars are one of the most vicious predators in the game, though sometimes difficult to find. They kill horses and players with as little as two attacks. Cougars use the 'hit and run' technique to knock down the player then quickly ready their next attack a safe distance away. They are aggressive animals and will to attack the player immediately. They are also extremely quiet, making it easy for a cougar to sneak up on a player.

The cougar, which is also commonly referred to as a puma or mountain lion, is the second largest cat in North America. Unlike other big cats, however, the cougar cannot roar. Instead, the large feline purrs like a domestic cat.Cougars also have similar body types to domestic cats, only on a larger scale. They have slender bodies and round heads with pointed ears.

The coat of the cougar is a grayish tan to reddish color with lighter parts on the underside. The tail has a black spot on the end.

Generally they prey on deer but also feed on smaller animals if necessary, including domestic animals and livestock. Skilled and cunning hunters, cougars stay hidden from their prey until they can pounce with claws out-stretched.

For the most part, the cougar has no natural enemies and sits atop the food chain. However, they occasionally compete with other predators such as bears and wolves for food.

Cougars are nocturnal. However, they can be found in small numbers during the daytime and are quite active at dawn and too at nightfall.


The cougar can be found primarily in southwest New Austin, though a notable population seems to exist within Black Bone Forest.


The 6th Master Hunter Challenge requires that you have to Kill five cougars with a bow, and skin them.


  • You can craft a Cougar's Paw Trinket at the Fence Shop using it's materials and cook the Big Game meal from hunting it.
  • The easiest way to take down a cougar of this size is by either using a Bow with Poison Arrows or a rifle.
  • Their fangs can be used for crafting and their meat can be used as food.
  • At the trapper whit the perfect pelt of a cougar you can craft a Cougar Cutaway Coat, Rustic Vest and Cougar McClelland Saddle.



30 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Skin every species of animal in Story Mode.

20 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Study every animal across all states in Story Mode.

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