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Dead Horse
Dead horse2
Vital statistics
Name Dead Horse
Breed Horse
Color Brown with blood stains.
Speed Fast
Health High
Stamina High
Location Not normally found in game

Known colloquially as the Dead Horse, this mount was included in the original Red Dead Redemption retail game and can be seen in the mission "Spare the Love, Spoil the Child". The horse can be found a few meters away from the bear cave on the ground, along with a large blood stain. The mount is available for use (i.e. it appears within the game's code itself) but is not obtainable by ordinary means.

Description Edit

The only known by directly editing the Red Dead Redemption save game data itself.[1] This implies that the horse, which clearly does exist within the original game code, is simply the remnant of some mission/item that was left out of the game's final release (but not completely removed from the code itself). So with the use of hacking the system, you can obtain the horse for multiplayer free roam but if you go to the Outfitter to select a different mount you will have to repeat the process. Having superior resilency and unlimited stamina the dead horse makes a great mount.


The only confirmed way to unlock the Dead Horse is to use an edited save file or mod one. As always, before attempting anything with the game save file, always back up some save data first; seemingly innocuous errors may result in file corruption if done improperly. Here you can download a modding system.

Trivia Edit

  • While the Dead Horse appears to be missing its front left leg from the knee down, if the area where the missing leg would be is shot it still takes damage and spews blood as if the leg were there.
  • The Dead Horse is also missing its lower jaw, leaving its pink tongue to hang out.
  • After killing the bear in the mission Spare the Love, Spoil the Child, go to the cave to find the corpse of Jack's dead horse. It will look like this horse, except dead. However, by restarting from the checkpoint afterwards, the horse won't be dead for about one second and can actually be heard groaning in pain and seen falling over.
  • If a player with the Dead Horse changes mounts, it can not be obtained again except by once again modding the save file.


Red Dead Redemption Dead Horse Unlocks in Multiplayer(08:03)

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