Digby Haskins is a Minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Digby Haskins is one of the two "well-fed" treasure hunters, along with Stanley Mund.


Red Dead RedemptionEdit

Digby plays a small role in the mission "Man is Born Unto Trouble", in which he is seen lighting the fuse on a TNT barrel set on the mine cart tracks to prevent Marston from taking the Gatling Gun. He can also be seen racing during the mission "Liars, Cheats and Other Proud Americans".

Also, Digby can be found at Gaptooth Breach. However, unless wearing the Treasure Hunter Outfit, he will be hostile.

Undead NightmareEdit

In Undead Nightmare, Digby can be found defending Gaptooth Breach, where he is on the roof of one of the buildings. If Gaptooth Breach is saved and Digby survives, he will congregate with the other survivors near the main building.


Hey! Oh it's you.
Digby Haskins when bumped into with high Fame
Watch it, mister.
Digby Haskins when bumped into


  • Digby is one of the few treasure hunters who is not a bounty target.
  • He has a tattoo on his left forearm of a crossed pickaxe and sledgehammer denoting his dedication to mining.
  • He may be related to Randy Haskins, a civilian that can be found outside the General Store in Manzanita Post.


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