A Doctor's Office is a type of store found in Red Dead Redemption where medical supplies can be purchased.


In the beginning of the twentieth century, doctors were not as advanced and skilled as they are today. And due to the peoples' distrust of medicine at the time, being a doctor was far less profitable.

The Doctor's Office sells consumables such as Medicine, Chewing Tobacco and Moonshine for John Marston, and Horse Pills or Apples for the player's horse. The Doctor will also, just like any other shopkeeper, purchase the sellable items collected by Marston such as plants, feathers, animal hides, etc.

The map icon of the Doctor's offices is a briefcase with a heart in the center.


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  • Mr. West Dickens heals at the Doctor's Office in Armadillo after being shot and almost killed.
  • Ironically, at the Armadillo doctor's office the doctor will say "Stay away from the salt pork and tobacco," however, tobacco is one of the products he sells.
  • At the Doctor's Office in Armadillo there is a bed with a blood stain on one side which is the side that John Marston got shot by a Williamson gang member, leaving the player to wonder if John created this blood stain.
Rdr francis gallagher

Dr. Francis A. Gallagher at the Thieves' Landing Doctor's Office


  • In Thieves' Landing the Doctor's Office is in the same building as the Tailor but the Doctor's Office is on the 2nd floor.
  • John Marston gets necessary medical assistance after being shot by Bill Williamson in the Doctor's Office at Armadillo and recoveres from the bullet wound in a Safehouse at MacFarlane's Ranch.
  • The player gets slightly more money for selling plants in Doctor's offices, most likely due to their medicinal effects that are described.
  • The doctor's office in Armadillo will give the player full price on gold bars.

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