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The Duck is a water-dwelling bird found in Red Dead Redemption.


Like all animals in the game, ducks can be hunted for sport or for profit. They can be heard quacking while flying, and can be easily identified while airborne from other birds by their plump bodies, long necks and their constant and consistent need to flap their wings rapidly while flying. The best time to find ducks is during clear skies from about noon to sunset while the hardest time to find ducks is during storms, however, they can occasionally be found at night.


These locations are where you will have the best chance of spotting ducks, though they can be found near most large bodies of water:


  • Though it was originally believed that only male ducks appeared in the game this is untrue. Female ducks can be found just as often as there male counterparts, male Ducks are called "drakes" while female ducks are called "hens"


The player must kill a duck to contribute toward acquisition of the following trophy/achievement:

Bronze Ps3 bronze trophy
Kill every animal species in the game in any game mode.

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