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The Duster Coat is an outfit found in Red Dead Redemption.


A worn-out old duster. The coat protects your clothing from trail dust, but not much else.
In-game description

It is a worn, dark brown, oil skin duster. This type of coat was usually worn by deputy lawmen of the time, likely the reason for its requirements, seen below. It was also a popular choice for bounty hunters.


This outfit is obtained after reaching the honor rank of "Peacemaker". The Duster Coat appears to simply be worn over John Marston's standard Cowboy Outfit.


  • Even when playing as Jack Marston, John's Cowboy attire is still worn underneath the duster coat.
  • The Duster Coat bears a strong resemblance to the Legend of the West Outfit, albeit in a different colour.
  • Dusters have a long history in the West and Western movies, so there is likely no single inspiration for this outfit.
  • The simulated cloth of the coat is very buggy and is known to fall through objects or stick inside the player during moments such as when Marston sits on something.
  • It gathers dust very quickly.
  • When wearing this outfit, players may be fired upon by gang members in Thieves' Landing, likely for its high honor requirements.
  • This outfit is available from the start in the Undead Nightmare DLC pack.
  • Unlike the Obscuridad del Santo Andres, it will not disappear when the player's honour drops.


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