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Dynamite Delivery is a Random Encounter in Red Dead Redemption in which the player must deliver dynamite to a General Store.


Two men at a work bench surrounded with dynamite will call the player to come over. If the player does so, the workers will ask the player to deliver the dynamite to a general store. If the player agrees to do so the player will have to drive a supply wagon to the location. It's not that simple, however, because the player will be bombarded by bandits and outlaws along the way.


After agreeing to do the delivery, the player should be careful and get away from the work bench as soon as possible, because the dynamite will explode.

On the way to the general store, keep your eyes out for bandits and outlaws because they can come out of anywhere. The player will need to drive slowly and keep on the roads, because eventually the TNT will explode.

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