(As Marston approaches the gate, it opens and several men on horseback go stampeding past)

De Santa: Mr. Marston, ride with us! We've been betrayed!

Marston: What's happened?

De Santa: There is no time! Ride with us! Then we'll find the men you seek. Come!

Marston: What's the hurry, de Santa? Where we goin'?

De Santa: The rebels have taken control of an abandoned fort on the other side of Nuevo Paraiso. Many men. A place called Torquemada. We cannot allow them to establish a stronghold. The Colonel has given me urgent orders.

Marston: Which are?

De Santa: To kill them all.

Marston: I shoulda guessed.

De Santa: Leave your horse here. You will ride with me.

De Santa: Captain Espinoza already has men there. We must get to him before he tries anything stupid.

(The caravan travels towards Torquemada)

De Santa: Stay alert. Something doesn't feel right.

(The first wagon blows up)

De Santa: It's an ambush! Cover us! We need to get to the camp! Now let's see what mess that idiot Espinoza has made!

(They arrive at the camp below the fortress)

Marston: Was he that deranged captain at Tesoro Azul? Is he leadin' this attack?

De Santa: Leading? Espinoza does not lead anything!

Marston: I thought you was the same rank?

De Santa: He is an angry dog we let out to run sometimes. That is all. I'm in charge here. Follow me, we will leave the wagon here.

Espinoza: Y donde carajo esta los otros que necesitamos? Nos van a masacrar con estos pocos. (And where the fuck are the others we need? We will slaughter these few.)

De Santa: Rebeldes, que tú y tus hombres se deberian haber encargado nos atacaron. Y ten cuidado con ese tono de voz. (Rebels, you and your men should be in charge attacked us. And be careful with that tone of voice.) Marston, come on! Ignore this stupid ape!

Espinoza: Shut your mouth, office boy! Gringo, take that sniper rifle over there. We have men's work to do. Vamos! Siganme al bloqueo! (Come on! Follow me to blockade!)

(They defeat the Rebels and the remaining are executed)

Espinoza: La victoria es nuestra, soldados! Ustedes son todos héroes! (Victory is ours, soldiers! You are all heroes!)

De Santa: Tengo hambre. Lo que sea, mujer. Amigo! Amigo! Que pasa? (I'm hungry. Whatever, woman. Friend! Friend! What's happening?) A killer like you, deserves fine women and wine. The best pleasures Earth can give a man.

Marston: I need some information, De Santa.

De Santa: All in good time. My men and I will finish our business here and we can talk back at Escalera.

Marston: The next time I see you, I need some answers, Captain. (Marston pokes him in the chest)

De Santa: (laughing) Go get drunk! Go get a woman! Enjoy life! It is a beautiful struggle!

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