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Captain Espinoza to Vincente de Santa and John Marston

Captain Espinoza is a supporting character and later an antagonist featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Espinoza is a captain in the Mexican Army headed by Colonel Agustin Allende, and is often seen leading attacks against rebels.

Unlike Allende, Espinoza truly believes that he is helping Mexico by killing the rebels, thinking that they would destroy the country if they seized power. Although he is much more honorable and courageous than either De Santa or Allende, he is also as cruel and brutal as the two of them, often commanding massacres of rebel soldiers who have already surrendered.


Captain Espinoza has a role in several of Captain De Santa's missions, leading attacks against rebel forces. He and De Santa have a very hostile rivalry throughout the game, constantly insulting and belittling each other and each viewing themselves as Colonel Allende's true right-hand man. At one point, John Marston says to De Santa, "Isn't he the same rank as you?", as both of the men have the same title and thus presumably rank. De Santa quickly snaps back and says that Espinoza is merely a "dog they release from time to time" and he (De Santa) runs the show. In contrast, Espinoza refers to De Santa as serving the purpose of a "maid he (Allende) cannot fuck." Espinoza also says that De Santa fights like a little girl. It is unknown which one, if either, truly serves as Allende's right-hand man.

Espinoza is later killed in Alcalde's house in Chuparosa in the mission "Cowards Die Many Times". Abraham Reyes and his rebels rescue John Marston after his betrayal by De Santa, wipe out the Mexican soldiers in Chuparosa, and Marston kills Espinoza.

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  • He is one of two characters in Red Dead Redemption to always wear an eyepatch, the other being Harry Dobbing. Marston also has an eye patch when wearing the Deadly Assassin Outfit.
  • Sometimes in "Cowards Die Many Times" and "The Demon Drink", instead of his usual sidearm, the Double Action Revolver, Espinoza will use a LeMat Revolver as his sidearm, and in "Mexican Caesar" on the train he will use a Schofield Revolver.
  • Despite the fact De Santa says Espinoza does not lead anything and he is the one who's in charge in the mission "Empty Promises", Espinoza is always in the front line of the attack while De Santa stays out of trouble.
  • Despite supporting Allende's methods and being as brutal and cruel as De Santa and Allende, Espinoza seems to be a lot more honourable and brave than both of them. Allende is never seen fighting in any battle, while Espinoza frequently leads charges in battle. Espinoza actually fights Marston with his men, even when he knows he will die, while De Santa escapes to avoid getting killed.
  • The word Espinoza comes from the Spanish word "Espina" translated as thorn or spike. The term "Espinoza" is a misspelled word, the correct word is "espinosa" with an "s" instead of the "z" and literally means, full of thorns or protected by thorns, like a rose. However, "Espinoza" is the accepted spelling for the surname in South America.
  • Espinoza seems to hold genuine respect for Marston due to their both being professional gunmen and men of battle. They also seem to share general thoughts on issues such as De Santa's sexuality. Despite this, he threatens Marston toward the end of his career several times when he steps out of line, reminding him that he is to be executed if he betrays the army. When busting into his room and engaging him in his final mission before his death, Espinoza will angrily remark "I knew you were a traitor!"
  • He can be killed at the end of "Mexican Caesar". After finishing the mission, Marston can hop back on the Gatling gun and shoot him or blow him up with Dynamite.


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