Explosive Rifle Mastery is a challenge added to Red Dead Redemption by the Liars and Cheats DLC pack.


Completing the Explosive Rifle Mastery challenges gives you a trophy/achievement and causes you to get 50% off Explosive Rounds at all Gunsmiths. Enemies MUST be mission or gang hideout enemies to count for the challenge.

  • Rank 1: Purchase the Explosive Rifle from the gunsmith in Blackwater.
  • Rank 2: Kill 5 enemies hidden in cover with the explosive rifle.
  • Rank 3: Kill 3 enemies with one shot of the explosive rifle.
  • Rank 4: Kill 2 wild animals with one shot.
  • Rank 5: Kill 1 enemy while wearing the US Army Uniform.


Rank 1

  • Purchase the explosive rifle for 15,000 at its highest, but 2,500 at its lowest if wearing Savvy Marchant Outfit.

Rank 2

  • Start a mission or gang hideout then wait for them to get behind cover before shooting at them or their general area with an explosive round.

Rank 3

  • Simply shoot into the middle of a group of enemies. If you're struggling to find a group of three, try hogtying three people, then place them together and shoot in the middle of them.

Rank 4

  • Wait until two animals are together then shoot in between them. The player can not use their own horse, but they can use two wild horses.

Rank 5

  • Simply kill a mission or gang enemy while wearing the US Army Uniform. See its page for help with unlocking it.


10 gamerscoreGamerscore
Bronze bronzeBronze
Complete the explosive rifle single player challenge.

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