(Red Harlow and Buffalo Soldier approach Governor Griffon on the roof of his mansion.)

Governor Griffon: You got no chance, son. Best you just turn around and, uh, keep on goin'. Ain't no shame in cheatin' death twice.

Buffalo Soldier: I've got nitro I found there in the Governor's office. You lay down some fire, and I'll take that gate right down!

(Griffon walks away, but Red opens fire on his soldiers. Buffalo Soldier moves ahead to plant the explosives on the gate. After a brief shootout, Buffalo Soldier is incapacitated by rubble after an explosion set off by Griffon.)

Buffalo Soldier: Best way to help me is to put a bullet in that man's brain! Get going, Bounty Hunter!

(Red continues on and engages in a shootout with Griffon and his soldiers.)

Griffon: (To his soldiers) I hired you to protect me, now get him!

(Red eliminates Griffon's guards and confronts him on the rooftop.)

Griffon: I always regretted what happened back on your daddy's farm, Red. I should have been there... to make sure you joined him. But, lucky for me, I get a second chance.

(Red and Griffon duel, with Red being the victor. Red then finds Sheriff Bartlett insepcting Griffon's corpse.)

Sheriff Bartlett: Never did like him much.

(Annie Stoakes enters, with Buffalo Soldier leaning on her.)

Red Harlow, (to Annie): Jack? (Annie lowers her head and says nothing.)

Bartlett: Well, Red, I'm not saying Griffon didn't deserve it, but he was the Governor. I reckon the army'll be sniffin' around here and, well, I'd hate to see you hang after all you done. $5000 in gold sound like a fair bounty?

(Red gives his revolver to Buffalo Soldier and removes the Scorpion Revolver from Griffon's body.)

Harlow: Give it to them. (gestures to Buffalo Soldier and Annie Stoakes) It never was about the money.

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