Fallen Creek is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


Fallen Creek is the location on Bear Mountain where Nate Harlow and his partner Griff first discovered gold, leading to the creation of the Bear Mountain Mine.


Fallen Creek does not appear in story mode. It is available as a stage in Showdown Mode. The connection between this location and the discovery of gold is established by the store description for the Gold Nugget, which unlocks the showdown stage: "Nate Harlow's first nugget."


The location is a snowy, wooded mountaintop. A creek runs along the lower area of the map, passing through a pine forest. Up the slope there is a ruined wooden cabin and a collection of large rocks.

Mission AppearancesEdit


Showdown ModeEdit

The player can unlock this location as a stage in Showdown Mode by purchasing the Gold Nugget from the Shop interface at the start of the mission "Fort Diego". The subtitle for this location is "Snow-Topped Mountain."

Sheriff Bartlett's JournalEdit

This location does not appear in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal.

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