Good day to you, Mr. Marston

Felipe Carriedo

Felipe Carriedo is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Felipe Carriedo is a high-ranked soldier in the Mexican Army, according to his uniform.


Red Dead RedemptionEdit

Felipe Carriedo can most often be found playing Five Finger Fillet in Torquemada. He is one of 4 opponents the player must defeat to obtain the Reyes' Rebels Outfit Scrap #5. He is also the officer that greets Marston at end of Mexican Caesar.

However, if Marston has a bounty, Felipe will track him to multiple locations around Nuevo Paraíso.

Undead NightmareEdit

In Undead Nightmare, Felipe can be found defending the city of Escalera where he is on the roof of one of the wooden shacks. If Escalera is saved and Felipe survives, he will sit by the main plaza. Despite that, Felipe can also be found patrolling El Presidio, guarding the survivors.


Mr. Marston, you step away, please.
Felipe Carriedo when bumped into
Sir! You filthy gringos are irrelevant.
Felipe Carriedo when insulted
The socialist pigs are not allowed to win!
Felipe Carriedo at the end Mexican Caesar


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